Annual Sports Day Report

2022 - 23

On a chilled , windy frosty morning, Our 74th Republic day was celebrated with pride and Patriotism in our school Premises. Our school management, Chief guest, Guest of Honour & distinguished guests had given their presence and brought pompous feelings to all of us.

 At 9:30 am, Our school assembly started with the prayer song followed by the Flag-unfurling ceremony. Our Honourable chief guest. Miss. Rajeshwari Singh ( Founder - Director of Caravan Classroom and RHEA private Limited. Guest of Honour, Mr. Mathew Abraham ( Rtd. Government employer in Libeya), Distinguished Guests,  Miss. Dolly Mengnani ( Manager of Caravan Classroom), Mr. Pravin Gade ( Associate member of Lead Foundation) , Trust Members were paid salute in order to regard the Sovereign Nation.

We had organised programmes like drill exercise, March Past, Felicitation of Guests, Speeches, dances, musical skits, Pyramid formation Karate prog. etc. School students’s well practised exercises and colourful attires created the beautiful aura with various classical dance forms under one song amazed the audience.

The gathering was presented with spectacular musical feats. To remember and salute our Martyrs, Our March Past students arranged special parade with five distinctive groups, guided by the drummer with drumbeat sound . Every heart & soul was thumped and thrilled with Patriotic feelings and also took salute from our chief guest followed by our students who immediately dispersed the decided sitting areas.

With an introductory welcome note by Mrs. Poonam Tyagi & Mrs. V. Ida( anchors) the chief guest was formally welcomed by the Principal, Mrs. Renu Sharma with Bouquet along with  guest of Honour received the floral welcome by Shri. Cherian Maret. Our Distinguished Guests welcomed by “Rose Buds” as a token of love and affection by Our Senior teachers.

“Significance of Republic day” was sketched out by Class 9th students Akanshya Tiwari, Gitanjali Gahlot and Rajesree in which they created the vision of future India’s challenges and reminded our duties to make our India a developed Nation. Karate activities and its importance well spoken by anchors with the running commentary was the booster to the audience to understand easily and motivate the parents to practise their child in the self defence sport. Our Karate students and the coach, Mr.Abhishek Malli gave the power packed and a mind blowing performance through their activities.

Our Respected Principal Renu Mam’s (CBSE) Annual sports report emphasized significant notable areas to uphold each student a responsible citizen to create a develop nation. School’s sports achievers, Co-curricular and Hindi Olympiad excel students , Inter-School, State and National Level deserving students honoured with Shields by esteemed authorities. Co-Curricular Rolling Trophy conferred to the Green House who got the highest points of month-wise Inter-House Activities.

Our honourable Chairman Shri.Cherian Sir spoke on essential duties of every citizen and the significance of Constitution by his well-known intellectual tone . Then Our Chief Guest expressed her views on different challenges of the country and added her life journey with the school atmosphere .

Obviously, Our Programme was made memorable and unforgettable to one and all who had assembled there. Really, we felt the positive flow of energy which boosted on everyone to be more patriotic in future. Even, we  both anchors were very happy that we accomplished our desired goal to salute our Republic and our national flag with unbeatable zest of patriotic feelings being created by hosting the entire program.

Thus 74th Republic Day was brought into the  successful end with the presentation of mementos to the chief guest by Cherian Sir, and Guest of Honour honoured by Mr. Ajin Maret.

As soon as we completed the National day celebrations, we began 15th Annual Sports Day. The event took place in the spacious playground of the school. Miss. Rajeshwari Singh continued her presence as the chief guest of the event. A large temporary sitting area was made for the dignitaries, Participants, Parents and Students to sit and enjoy the day. Students of various classes participated in the sports day.

Before the events, The four houses of the school cheered for their respective members. The inaugural function started by releasing a bunch of balloons into the sky. The Sports Day started with the “ Lighting the Olympic Flame” encircled the entire event area by the Captains and Vice Captains of four houses. The events began with CCC to Sr. KG races like Flag Race, Frog Race, Rhyming Race and Funny Bunny Race then the winners of first three position holders received Medals.  

Hurdle Race had been arranged for grade 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and Relay Race for 10 to 12th Sports final list students. The Principal, Guest, Chairperson, Guest of Honour and Chief Guest gave away prizes to the winners. Points were given to the four houses depending on the performance of their representatives in the event. Interhouse Hockey and Handball , Parade points added to get the Rolling Trophies. The school had made arrangements for refreshments for both parents and students. The events of the day came to an end by Principal Mam who declared the “Boy Champion- Rohit Gahlot” , “Girl Champion- Alka Goswami” and “ Champion of Champions- Rohit Gahlot” who Medals and Trophies too.

School Rolling Trophy “ Winner- Green House” and “Runner up Trophy- Blue House” bagged with maximum points out of the four houses. An the end, Mrs. Ruma Varshney thanked everyone for their presence and support, and congratulated the students for their exceptional performances.

The Republic day and Sports day came to end with happy cheers, appreciation , laurals, extending gratitude to each other for the victorious completion of the long awaited occasion. Though we felt exhausted ,the live triumphant memories rejuvenate everyone to sign off the program.

Thank You