Principal Desk

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember but involve me and I learn with you”. These are the timeless pearls of wisdom uttered by the great scientist Sir Benjamin Franklin. These very words have set the standard of education across the globe.

It gives me immense pleasure to mention that we, at Baroda Public School, strongly believe on this priceless philosophy and practise it religiously.

The noblest profession of educating the young minds is synonymous to creating a new world of our own expectations & when we talk about education, we should never forget the words of Dalai Lama:

““Modern education is promised strongly on materialistic values. It is vital that when educating our children's brains, we should not neglect to educate their hearts; a key element that nurtures our compassionate nature””

Imparting education is just not confined to covering the chapters of the books; it is the most powerful tool for the pursuit of self-discovery and revelation of one's inner potential. A good education is that which not only ignites the fire of curiosity in student's mind for discovering the truth and knowledge but also enables him to build a charismatic character so that when faced with a challenge, he has the ability to choose between the right and the wrong without the slightest hesitation.

In this context, our school is persevering to uplift the students educationally, morally, ethically, culturally, socially and competitively to prepare them to face the odds of the life boldly. We help them to be armored with truth, honesty, humanity; the values of life. We want them to develop their capacities, capabilities and confidence along with positive attitude, penetrating eyes and perseverance before plunging into the practical world.

Today, the role of a teacher has been transformed from a mere provider of education to a friend, philosopher and guide. An ideal teacher has a herculean task of not only completing the curriculum but also to ensure that the subject is well understood by each and every student by engaging the entire classroom in active discussion, debate and role play, thus bringing to life the essence of true learning. I am happy to mention that our strong team of well qualified and experienced teachers are always striving hard with the help of state-of-art technology to bring out the best in our students.

While mentioning about sports, it reminds me of the words of great boxer Mohammed Ali and I quote”Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream and a vision”. Sports and games are a powerful means which make learning and education truly holistic for a child's development. Sports play the role in keeping the child not only physically active and healthy but also build up a competitive spirit and facilitates boosting up the confidence. It gives me pleasure to place on record that students of our school have been consistently excelling by last four years in “Khel Mahakumbh” and have brought laurels to the school by qualifying to state level & even participating at ‘National level’ (Hockey). Indeed, it is rightly said that “while talent wins games, teamwork and intelligence win championships”. And we strongly believe in following the later.

I urge each and every student to make use of this diary as a daily planner, to maintain his/her schedule and to keep abreast all the programmes which are planned by the school in the academic year 2019-20. An attribute of a true winner is having a purpose and each step you take, must lead you an inch closer to your goal. As a wise man has truly said “Failing to plan is nothing but planning to Fail”

This diary also aims at establishing a valuable link between the parents and the teachers with regard to the quality and quantity of work attempted by the teacher and the student both at school and at home. The role of parents in their children's education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success. It is rightly said that “Charity begins at home”. Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is extremely critical to children's education. I sincerely hope and request all the parents to be far more involved in their ward's school activities through this diary.

We are confident of attaining the goal of educating the young minds with the help of co-operative parents, a strong team of dedicated staff & a visionary management.

I sign off by calling upon all my dear students, teachers and parents to join hands to work together in a more cohesive, harmonious and interactive manner so that our school does not merely function as any other schools but is re-christened as a “Temple of Learning”..

I extend my best wishes to all the stake holders of BPS fraternity.

May God bless us all!

(Mrs. Renu Sharma)