Chairman's Desk

Education is a sharp tool for self-realization of an individual. A soul-searching mechanism is automatically generated in the mind of a person, who has gained proper education. However, the process of gaining education is a never ending activity. Evolution of mind, through education naturally “ignites” the soul and the “sparks” from it , will help the person to become a pilgrim in “search of truth”.

Here comes the important role of schools and educators. Appropriate ambience for education in schools and proper training and guidance by the educators can easily achieve the goal of generating “sparks” in young minds.

A holistic approach in this field helps in the overall development of students, which will enable them to contribute towards the formation of a bright career, which in turn will lay foundation for a constructive nation building.

The Father of our Nation has rightly said, “The heartbeat of India lies in the rural population and to understand India, it is better to understand the rural sector of India”.

Like whatever aspirations, the urban population possesses, the same aspirations can be observed among the rural population also. But opportunities are limited to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. So it is the primary duty of every fortunate citizen, i.e. those who are fortunate enough to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, to contribute, in whatever little way possible, to raise the standard of living of the rural population.

Education plays an important role as far as the quality of life is concerned. With this objective in mind, a group of academicians joined hands, under the banner of a trust named, “St. Stephen’s Foundation Trust”, Vadodara, to take up the MISSION of serving the rural masses by providing true education through the medium of English with NCERT curriculum prescribed by CBSE, Delhi. The School was established in the year 2006 with a motto of “Leadership, Teaching & Service”.